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9 April 2019
We have taken delivery of 14 loads for a total of 491 bales which has or is being distributed to needy farmers. Two loads only arrived on 1st and 3rd April so they are the bales still being distributed. As well as that a load of "Molofos" has been distributed to Buchan farmers. 23 farmers were very grateful for that effort. We are arranging to do the same for Tambo Valley.
Donalda Motors have given a huge contribution by unloading and loading the hay and storage of the hay on arrival.
2 April 2019
The first load of Molafos should have been delivered to Buchan on Friday and they should have some photos and they were going to write up an article for the local paper. Another load of 34 large bales is waiting for pickup and if not already in Bairnsdale will be delivered this week with the help of Rob Bennet from Lilydale. As a side note, I was speaking to Ron Haines from Lilydale and he is also on the Gold Coast at Currumbin, so who knows we may be meeting up for a coffee.
The organising for the Musical Bingo night is going along well, with Michelle W reporting that she has been circulating the flyer at her work place. After looking at the hall and possible table set up we will have long tables all facing the front, Bingo is a solo game so their will be every man for himself. We are hoping to also have raffles and perhaps a small trivia sheet thrown in for good luck. Let all your friends know, but we will have to keep track of attendees so that we have enough chairs for everyone. We have asked all members to see if they can round up some prizes, so far Cec has given us a box of goodies and Chocky Sweet Box, a basket of chocolate. Let’s make this fun filled night, plus raise money for Farmers Relief.
So far we have received $91,000.00 towards the cause, thankyou to all those generous organisations and people, it has been very heart warming
26 March 2019
This week has seen some of the funds from the Shopping Days hit our bank account, so far we have received $3688 with another $200 being donated from the sale of a painting online. Gillian and Bernie Eastman were interviewed by the Channel Nine Gippsland News, and a short segment was aired on Wednesday evening on the local news. From that coverage we have heard of an organisation that had done a fund raising and may donate the $4000.00 to Farmers Relief.
The Molafos has been ordered and the first load paid for, which will be delivered to Buchan this week. Through Gippsland Farmers Relief we were given the name of a farmer who has 45 bales of last years hay that she is donating to us and our good friend Paul Wilms from Trafalgar is willing to cart it to Bairnsdale. So together with the 34 bales due to arrive from our Lilydale contact, the yard at Donalda’s will be full.
19 March 2019
Another eventful week, with the second load of 40, 4 x 4 bales arriving on Thursday, once again transported to Bairnsdale free of charge, courtesy of Paul Wilms, these bales came from farmer Joan in Yellingbo. Rex has been very busy on the phone and after contacting all the farmers, only four bales are left. As always Rex finds it an emotional roller coaster as he contacts farmers and listens patiently to the all too familiar stories of hardship.
The first tanker of Molafos will be arriving this week, to a farmer in Buchan who is acting as a depot, where 21 farmers will come with their own containers and decant the liquid supplement from the tanker. The second tanker, probably arriving the week after, will be going to the designated depot in Ensay, ready for collection. The farmers themselves have been instrumental in organising the containers from various sources and will clean after the first pickup and transfer to Ensay for the second pickup. Without the grant money from 9800 we would not have even contemplated this and thank you to Sandra Livingstone for putting the proposition to our club.
Last Tuesday we had President Ron from Lilydale, place an order for another 34 large bales from a source near them, at our cost and he has been able to secure free cartage to Bairnsdale, the business in question, just wants to help.
I went down the main street Saturday morning and spoke with Bernie Eastman the organiser of the Shopping Days promotion that he organised with 16 different shops participating. I might have some figures by Tuesday, as each shop will bank the money, individually into our account, but he said that there seemed to be more activity than usual on the street and in some cases people may not have bought anything, but gave money as they wished to donate for the cause. Thank you Bernie for putting this all together and whatever we make will be a bonus.
I was also contacted by a lady, who after seeing the article in the paper about the Shopping Days, offered one of her paintings which she is going to auction on line and give all the proceeds to the Farmers Relief. Once again it has been overwhelming the generosity of all concerned.
12 March 2019
Another busy week one way or another. On Friday, 4 x 4 bales arrived at Donald Motors from a delightful farmer in Yellingbo, Joan, who I had the pleasure of speaking to prior to it arriving. Through our Facebook post an offer of free transport was received from Paul, of PC’S Farm Contractors in Warragul, he went to Yellingbo on Wednesday, helped load the bales and then delivered them to Bairnsdale on Friday morning. John Walker and I had a chance to meet him in person and thank him for his time and generosity, considering during the week he was also helping at the Bunyip fires, some people are just givers. He will get the other 40 bales next week and have them here by Thursday.
Talking to President Ron from Lilydale it looks as if he has been offered another 12 large bales at no cost, with the transportation being paid for by a business in Kyneton. He is hopeful of sourcing a further 28 to make it a full load to bring down. What a bonus the association with Lilydale has been.
It was confirmed that the shopping days in Bairnsdale, organised by Bernie Eastman, will go ahead on Thursday 14 March to Saturday 16 March and about 16 participating stores, with a percentage of the sales going to the Farmers Relief. Bernie is organising the advertising and asked if we could get hay bales to put outside the shops concerned, that might prove to be problematic so we will see what else we can organise.
I spoke to the principal of a local school, where parents are wanting to donate back the $375.00 from the government, as cash to the school, who have identified needy farming families and will distribute to them. She was grateful for the information that I was able to give her on what we have been doing and will use some of this in their work.
Another contact through DG Janne, from Tania of the Australian Animal Rescue, who is hoping to access food for dogs, cats and chickens that can be brought to Bairnsdale for distribution. She did a similar mission last year, delivering two tonne of feed to the Rotary Club of Coonabarabran and as well as helping us will be dealing with the Rotary Club of Hamilton to assist there too.
All very encouraging as the drought only seems to get worse, with fires being added into the mix
5 March 2019
Another good week, as all of the promised money has hit out bank account, plus an anonymous donation of $258.00 which will all come in very useful.
After talking to our contact in Buchan it was suggested that we could assist more farmers by purchasing two loads of Molafos which can assist up to 50 farmers. The supplement will arrive in tankers to a central point in both the Buchan and possibly Swifts Creek areas, Rex is sorting that out at the moment. The farmers will come with their own containers and fill from the tankers, each load will cost about $10,000.00, which thankfully we can now afford. As always we listen to the needs of the farmers and change the type of help that we can give.
Rex has also been talking to a contact in the Meerlieu area and although some are doing OK, there are some that are doing it extremely tough. As yet we have not helped too many farmers in that area so no doubt we will be in the near future. Bonnie is still trying to organise the freight on the hay from Yellingbo and is following several contacts to see what can be done, as they can only be collected on a Monday when the tractor driver works on the farm.
26 February 2019
What a difference a week makes in the life of the Farmers Relief committee. After making several submissions, plus talking to various Rotarians and clubs at the conference, we can confirm that we are receiving the following donations:
District 9820                                            $5000.00
RC Drouin                                                $7000.00
District 9800 Drought Relief Fund           $30,000.00       
From our Facebook post                            $1450.00
We have also had communications with other members of the public and organisations which could bring in more funds. It has certainly been heart-warming to see how the local community is responding to the dire circumstances that a lot of farmers are in.
Talking to Ron Haines, President of RC Lilydale has resulted in another 80 of 4 x 4 bales, offered at a lower cost from a farmer in Yellingbo. So now Bonnie is in the throes of trying to organise free or discounted cartage to get it here for the farmers. Rex has once again been in contact with farmers to find out what and where the most need is.
On Friday night we commenced the planning on a fundraiser to be held on Saturday 27 April at the St John’s Church Hall. This will be a musical bingo and other games night, which has been put together by Michelle W, based on an event held by a Rotaractor Club. She has been researching the music, setting up tickets, advertising flyers etc and we will let you all know the full details soon. We need to get as many people there to make the night a success.
19 February 2019
This week 40 of the bales which we received have been allocated to five farmers in Buchan, who will organise their own transportation from Bairnsdale to a central point in Buchan where it can be picked up by the individual farmers. Rex is in consultation with the farmer who donated the hay and we have agreed to pay $1200.00 towards the cost of the cutting, raking and baling, so that means not only has he donated 100 bales but has paid $1500.00 towards the costs, very generous. Hopefully the next load will arrive next week, ready for distribution.
Gillian has been in contact with various clubs/organisations over the last week, talking money and although we have not heard anything back at this time, we are hopeful to receive some substantial funds so that we can continue our good work. Gillian posted an article on our Facebook page about the dire situation here with that evocative photo of Brian’s, as at today we have reached 24,000 people and had 5100 engagements. Some of the comments have been encouraging, even some one in Townsville offering us some of their rain, if only!!!
It was wonderful to get a phone call from our contact in the CWA Panmure, who donated funds to us before Christmas, just wanting to know how we were going. She made a very interesting point that there has been little to no media about East Gippsland and the drought situation, but realised that things may still be in crisis. It is disappointing that there will be relief from the rates, due this month, for farmers in East Gippsland and Wellington Shire, another burden they have to bear.
Keep your fingers crossed that we can keep up the good work for a bit longer
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Rotarians Ula and Gillian travelled to Pokhara in Nepal to distribute 130 Days for Girls Kits
These kits are made here in Bairnsdale by Ula and her team of volunteer sewers. All fabric is still being cut by PHF Colin Toohey from Top Trim, saving much needed time. Ula has sewers in Orbost, organised by Alma Mundy, Twisted Threads in Johnsonville plus the many workshops she has at her own home, even taking her team to Mallacoota. Members of Inner Wheel have been willing helpers on the packing days, as the kits have to be prepared in a specific way. 
Ula and Gillian carried 130 kits from the local team and then in Moradabad, India, 135 kits were provided by a Melbourne chapter. 
Days for Girls to India and Nepal Gillian Reeve 2018-05-14 14:00:00Z 0
Two members of the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale, Gillian Reeve and Ula Sheather, recently returned from a trip to Moradabad, India to participate, as volunteers,  at one of the National Immunisation Days organised by Rotary in partnership with UNICEF, The World Health Organisation plus the various health organisations in Moradabad.
This was the third visit for Gillian and second for Ula, who this year were part of a team of 13, which was organised at the Australian end, by Rotarians from the Rotary Club of Sandringham in Melbourne, who have made the trip six times.
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$6000.00 donated to the Bower Birds
On Tuesday 10 April 2018, the Rotary Club held it's 35th Annual Golf Day in associated with the Bairnsdale Golf and Bowls Club. Over 150 participants registered on the day and together with raffles, putting competitions a great time was had by all. Over the last ten years the Bower Birds have sold tickets in the petrol raffle as well as catering for the day. 
We were able to hand over a cheque for $6000.00, the profit from the day, which they informed us will go to much needed equipment for the Bairnsdale Regional Hospital. Well done to everyone who helped on the day.
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Posted by Gillian Reeve
In February Connie Cunningham and Gillian Reeve made the trip to Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh District, India, to participate in the immunisation of children against Polio, on the 22 February 2015.
National Immunisation Day India Gillian Reeve 2015-05-27 14:00:00Z 0

Our club is proud to support this worthwhile project, since seeing their display at the Rotary International Convention in Sydney, we were so impressed that we felt it was an opportunity to help. Through our International Committee we have several members of our local community willing to come on board, with sewing.

What is Days for Girls?

Every girl in the world deserves education, safety, and dignity. We help girls gain access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness, by direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits, by partnering with nonprofits, groups and organizations, by raising awareness, and by helping  communities around the world start their own programs. Thanks to a global grassroot network of thousands of volunteers and supporters on 6 continents, we have reached women and girls in 75 countries on 6 continents.  It's working. You can help us reach the rest.

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Rotarian Connie Cunningham, an Audiometrist completed her third trip to Pokhara in Nepal and spent two weeks  assisting with clinics for the locals. On this visit Margaret, wife of Honorary Member Geoff Macfarlane, accompanied Connie, being a nurse was very helpful and she was able to assist with ear syringing and other important day to day tasks. Margaret said that it was a trip of a lifetime and is already planning a return visit.

The Rotary Club of Mitchell River has continued to support the program, donating a further $1000 from last year's funds, while our club has donated another $2000 and see this as a very worthwhile ongoing project. The positive is that David Hine, after seeing the support that comes from Rotary has himself joined a Rotary club in his home town of Townsville, QLD, who have also come on board to financially support the program.



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Matthew Henderson from Hendo’s Café, Main Street Bairnsdale was the winner in the section that was sponsored by the Rotary Clubs of the East Gippsland Cluster – Young Achiever in Business. He will be a guest speaker at our club on Tuesday 11 November 2014.
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Posted by Ronan Carroll on Jan 06, 2012

ImageSwifts Creek Secondary College student Rika Eringa was sponsored by the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale to attend a prestigious National Youth Science Forum in Canberra in January 2012.

This is the only program of its kind in Australia and gives specially selected Year 12 students the opportunity to test-drive a wide range of courses and careers in the sciences.


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Posted by Roger McCracken on Dec 02, 2011


All abilities playground chequeThe Rotary Club of Bairnsdale recently presented a $5,000 cheque to support the ground-breaking East Gippsland All Abilities Playground under construction in the town.


The facility at Davison Oval will be geared at the whole family and boast East Gippsland-themed play equipment including the ’90 mile ship wreck’, ‘Timber Mill’ and ‘Bullock Island’. There will be a picnic and barbecue area with seating for up to 50 people.

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We have a heavy duty marquee available to hire for weddings, corporate events, birthdays and other functions.

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Posted by Roger McCracken

 Cemetery gazebos



The Rotary Club of Bairnsdale has provided two gazebos in the cemetery for the use of the public.

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Posted by Roger McCracken

Rotary Park


This small park is located on the corner of Pearson and Grant streets.  The Rotary Club of Bairnsdale has provided childrens'  playground equipment.

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Posted by Roger McCracken

  Kiosk in Nicholson Street Mall



  The kiosk in Nicholson Street Mall was provided by the Rotary Club of Bairnsdale for the use of community groups.  Bookings are administered by the Shire Council.

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Posted by Roger McCracken

 Heart for Paynesville




At the request of Paynesville Ambulance Service we donated a finely detailed, hand-painted model of a human heart for training of their members.  This was purchased from the United States of America.  Paynesville Ambulance is largely staffed by trained volunteers..

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